The sinks pedestal sink for the bathroom is also known as washbasin. Conventionally shell can be divided according to the form and method of installation of the material from which they are made.

Shell form can be very diverse in nature i.e. square, round, oval, rectangular. Often the shape of the shells has a functional use such as corner sink, double sink or countertop with wide margins.

Consider the basic material of which shells are made: Pottery is the most common material for the shell and it is sanitary porcelain and earthenware. Porcelain is more expensive and high-quality material because it has lower porosity and a smoother surface.

Natural marble is very expensive but in turn, it is beautiful material. 

Artificial marble.

In appearance, the shell made of this material does not differ from the shells of natural stone but their cost is much less. Also thanks to the smooth surface, they are less contaminated and easier to clean.

Glass sinks pedestal sink bathroom is quite expensive but some of the most beautiful solutions made of durable glass, they can only be broken with a strong physical impact. The disadvantage of these is that there are traces on the glass of water, dirt, detergents, and wash their business rather laborious.

Metal sinks pedestal sink are made of stainless steel are durable, sturdy and hygienic. However, it should be noted that when caring for them to be very accurate, since they are scratched by the abrasive cleansers. Just disadvantage of them is a drone, which occurs when struck by a jet of water.

In most cases, the type of installation shell is limited to only a few options.

The first and most common is a shell console which is fastened to the wall with brackets. This option is well suited for small bathrooms as visually increase the space and saves a lot of space. Often, it is the most inexpensive option attachment but some do not like it because of the apparent drainage system.


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