Quick Tips For Heart Health

healthy lifestyle tips

At the end of the day, staying heart-healthy comes down to overall lifestyle. And there’s plenty you can do, to make sure your heart is working well.


So let’s check out some heart-healthy steps you can take, to help you stay on the path of healthy living. First, when it comes to mealtime, do your best to minimize saturated fats. – [Dr. Attanasio]


So that’s a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, meat should be lean chicken, it should be fish, just do your best to get as close to that as your baseline diet as you can over your lifetime. – [Jane]


It’s also important to do a moderate amount of exercise most days of the week.






– Exercise has also been shown to improve how long we can live, and it’s never too late to start. Regular exercise improves our cardiac conditioning.


Over your lifetime, you will be less likely to have a heart attack if you exercise. – [Jane]


And finally, if you’re looking to work on your heart-health and overall health, make sure you don’t smoke. – Smoking is a direct link with heart attacks, heart disease and strokes, and I think really if you’re smoking you really need to quit. – It’s always good to be smart about helping your heart..