Materials and forms of beige Pedestal Sink

pedestal sink


The classic material for the manufacture of pedestals is sanitary ware and porcelain. An alternative solution may be unusual beige Pedestal Sink of natural or artificial stone, stainless steel, acrylic and tempered glass. Original design models are often equipped with inserts made of plastic, wood and metal; supplied with shelves, towel holders, holders for soaps and coasters.

Ceramic products are considered the most durable and practical. They are well-resistant to humid climate and do not require complex care. They are made from environmental friendly material (clay) and coated with a thin layer of glaze which increases the material’s resistance to bacteria and mold breeding. The service life is of more than 20-30 years.

Dimensions of beige Pedestal Sink usually do not exceed 65-75 cm and this is the optimal height allowing an adult to comfortably wash your hands. Colours differ enviable diversity. So if you think about the bathroom issue in rich, bright colors and the difficulties with the selection of an appropriate beige Pedestal Sink that will most likely not occur.

Design forms are found quite ordinary and quite exotic:

  • Triangular
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Cubic
  • polygon
  • Asymmetrical

The surface can be smooth, grooved, decorated with carvings, engravings, plates or moldings.

Choosing a pedestal for your bathroom, first of all you need to look at how you liked the model will be in harmony with the rest of the interior. If your design is made in classic white taking the podium as classical form and colors.

Despite the fact that pedestal seems a universal accessory for sinks, there are situations where it would be clearly inappropriate. Perhaps it is necessary to replace the console cupboard or locker. For example, if your bathroom has a spacious dimensions. In a large room on the compact shell leg will look lonely. This will create a sense of discomfort which is highly undesirable for the bathroom.

If you do decide to choose a pedestal, before going to the store will certainly need to make careful measurements.




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