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When I was a nutritionist and nutrition expert at Children’s Hospital Parents often ask about the idea of giving the child something to eat or lunch. I don’t think it’s necessary to think things so complicated. Proportionally balanced whole starch, vegetables and fruits With botanical proteins, Omega-3 and calcium Can meet the needs of children The lunch in the film meets the above conditions If you see the sign of this recipe alert On behalf of this recipe has been written on the blog of pick up lines I will put each recipe link in the information bar below. If you are interested, you can take a look I am looking forward to sharing the following recipes with you.



let’s start The first lunch is a charming banana chocolate roll I am used to making chocolate spreads at home. It tastes like Nutella But this recipe is actually very healthy First use a good conditioner to bake hazelnuts and other natural ingredients. Such as cocoa powder and corn powder as a natural sweetener Then smeared a piece of whole-wheat mexican crust with hand-made chocolate jam People who don’t have time don’t have to do it themselves.


You can buy a commercially available chocolate-free sauce I like to sprinkle with hemp seeds to add more protein and Omega fatty acids. Finally put a ripe banana roll up And slice like a sushi roll Finally, just put in the lunch box I also put fresh strawberries wrapped in chocolate spreads.


This will allow children to eat fruit happily. And there are also fiber, good fat and protein from nuts in the sauce. This lunch is delicious, and adults will like it. Then make a dessert of fruit yoghurt and handmade biscuits This fruit skewer uses grapes and mangoes. Of course you can use any fruit you have on your hand. Handle the bamboo skewers after handling the fruit I also cut off the tip of the bamboo stick to avoid any sharp objects in the lunch box.


Adding calcium-added botanical yoghurt Here I use the sugar-free soy milk Yogurt as a sauce for fruit skewers. Finally put these bowls of peanut butter chocolate biscuits I mentioned it in the previous film. I really like to do it. Because there is no added sugar or oil inside and it can be done in a bowl.


15 minutes from start to finish You can do more than a week of snacks on holidays. The first lunch was completed. Came to the second lunch Start with this super cute nut butter and fruit bear sandwich Prepare two slices of whole grain bread slices Use a cup or biscuit mold to cut the bread into a round shape Then peel about half of the banana slices After putting some peanut butter or any nut butter on the bread Put banana slices and three blueberries in the film.


Make a cute bear sandwich Stack two pieces of bread and put them in the lunch box Put some vegetables next to it Such as mini carrots, cucumber slices and small tomatoes In order to increase the fun of children eating cucumber Can be peeled off at equal intervals and then sliced to create texture Then prepare the snack You can write the message on the remaining bananas and put them in the lunch box.







Finally add fresh blueberries and a solid, non-roasted peanut butter granola bar This is just the same as the biscuits just used to make the whole ingredients. No extra sugar or grease added Because both need only use the conditioner So cleaning is quite simple I also like to make use of holiday making.


Add different nuts and dried fruits to change the taste Wrap it in a freezer for a week’s snack or put it in the lunch box The second lunch is completed. Finally, the third lunch Start with slice of Zocia seed jam First cut off the bread side of a whole grain bread Then use a cup or a rolling pin to flatten the bread. Cut the slice of bread into shape with a biscuit mold I cut out two big loves and little love. Don’t discard the remaining bread and bread You can break these with a conditioner or juicer. Frozen as bread flour or used in other dishes Repeat the above steps to make four sizes of love Or other shapes of bread Put in the lunch box Hand-made Chia Seed Berry Sauce This only takes 5 minutes of pre-work and 4 ingredients.


Two different berries, some lemon juice and chia seeds Allow 30 minutes for the jam to complete Full of nutrition, antioxidants, fiber and omega-3 Different from the commercially available jam with added sugar and preservatives Finally put a little grape and small tomato embellishment You can put the jam on the bread. Or directly eat it Dim Sum is a combination of nuts and dried popcorn First roughly chopped roasted almonds Melt half a spoonful of coconut oil in a large pot of preheated fire Pour in 1/4 cups (60 ml) of corn kernels and stir.


After the corn kernels burst, shake the body from time to time to make it evenly heated and avoid burning. Move away from the fire after the sound stops You can also use time-saving, cream-free microwave popcorn is a full-fledged food It is a fun and good way for children to ingest fiber I also sprinkle a teaspoon of nutritional yeast to increase the cheese flavor and vitamin B12. Finally add almonds, alfalfa, raisins or dried cranberries as you like. The third lunch is completed.


Here are a few things to remind The above recipes are not limited to the use of Japanese bento boxes Suitable for all containers If your child is young, I suggest that you cut the ingredients that are easy to pick. Such as grapes, small tomatoes or nuts used in recipes If the child is attending a school that bans nuts It is recommended to use a nut-free sauce. For example, replace the peanut butter in the recipe with soy sauce. I really love making that super cute bear sandwich. I hope you have got inspiration or inspiration from the film.


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