Resort Cairns

Tropical happiness, blazing sun and glimpses of a stress-relieving Cairns holiday, these are perfect elements for the vacation of your life when you and your family venture to Cairns and tropical North Queensland.

Gifted with a holiday weather pattern all year-round, bragging temperatures in the summer months (October-April) of 29-33°C, and winter months (April-October) 25-29°C, Cairns is home to some of the planet’s most engaging natural tourist attractions, the reef, the rainforest and the Australian Outback, and they are all here awaiting your discovery.

The very friendly residents of Tropical North Queensland will show you the kind of warm and unassuming freindship that has become the envy of other tourism hot-spots. Adventure tourism, night life, fine eating and shopping multipy the charm and attraction of this internationally secret destination.

If you have been here previously, welcome home. If you are here for the first time, bathe in our attractions and enjoy your stay.

Queensland’s premier regional city, Cairns is the international front door to Tropical North Queensland. It is an exciting cosmopolitan destination with warm, sunny tropical days tempered by cooling ocean breezes. Enjoy a walk along the central Esplanade or satisfy your lust for food in one of the city’s many multi-cultural, diverse and prize-winning restaurants.

Resort Cairns – What Cairns has to Offer

Cairns gives access to the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics Rainforests along with the Australian Outback. Cairns, with its international and domestic airport, is the first stop for many visitors who want to see the authentic Australia.

Relax on the tropical beaches, snorkel on the reef and experience the unique tropical rainforests that date back to when the continent was part of ancient Gondwanaland, many thousands of years ago.

Take a swim in the famous Esplanade lagoon, then look across the serene waters of Trinity Inlet and you will discover coastal ranges and mangrove environs that have not changed since the site was branded by Captain James Cook in 1770.

The beautiful Esplanade Lagoon is the perfect spot to spend a sultry day basking in the sun and wading in the lagoon’s cool and seductive shallows. There are many shaded spots to take refuge from the sun in the heat of the day, as well as cooking facilities. The boardwalk has unique displays of Cairns’s local culture and has many exercise facilities for those keen on getting a bit more active.

Cairns is extremely well suited to travel on foot, or travel by cycle. Well frequented routes and dedicated walking paths are popular. A walk through the Cairns Botanical Gardens is not to be neglected. It features 38 hectares of natural Australian gardens which are maintained to lush standards, and many species found here cannot be seen elsewhere.  Located among the fauna is a coffee shop and restaurant, which is open daily for breakfast and lunch. Entry to the gardens is free.


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